Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sewing Machines - help??

No card from me today, I'm busy trying to get ahead with DT work as October is going to be a busy month for me!! I've been making lots of cards the last few days but I can't show you any of them yet!

I wondered if anyone who likes to add stitching to their cards could recommend a reasonably priced sewing machine that doesn't take up much space!?!?!? I love sewing on my cards but haven't been able to do so recently as my new craft desk can't accomodate the huge, almost antique sewing machine I have which my Nan passed on to me :). There is nowhere else it can stay out and it must stay out not only for ease but this thing weighs a tonne if not more (I kid you not LOL) so hubby has to lift it about for me :). So, I really neeeeeeed (yes need, you know how it is LOL) a smaller, lighter one that will sew through cardstock etc!

Can any of you lovely ladies recommend anything? x


Kylie said...

Hi Hun,
Both Janome and Elna make mini machines which would be perfect for cards. They are much smaller than a normal machine and also much cheaper. They are well known brands so reliable and have the basic stitches you would need (straight and zig zag). I have a full sized machine as I used to sew a lot, it is really overkill for cards though :)
Good luck!

Teresa said...

Hiya Jane, I've only just started sewing on my cards and am loving it, I've just uploaded a card to my blog with stitching on it, my sewing machine is the toyota and its brilliant, I did spend nearly £20 on one of those small machines but I wish I hadn't, not worth it at all, it moves everytime you sew, so you have to hold the machine, card and the pedal all at once, believe me they are just not worth it, I'm happy now I'm using my big one again. Best of luck with yours and hope to see some more of your wonderful work really soon. Love & hugs Teresa xx

Paula said...

I don't sew yet but admire those who do & am always interested in the products people use so I came across this posting by Bev Rochester which you might find helpful.
Paula (PEP)

Debbie said...

Hi Jane, I have a singer which I have had for years, but I have room to leave it out.

Looked on the website and they sell something called the 132 Singer, which is lightweight and compact, something like that might be good. Hve you thought about going to your local sewing shop and asking about a refurbished one? Debbiexx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane
Bev from "All The Things I Love" blogged a while back that she had purchased a new sewing machine. I think I can remerber she said that it was reasonably priced, so possibly she could recommend the company to you.
hope this is of some help.
Sandra (craftynan)

Milliesmarvels said...

I have had a very basic Janome machine for over 10 years which is similar to this one:
I love it for sewing on cards even though I originally got it for home furnishings, I never use it for fabric anymore.

Tracey T said...

Hi Jane - my machine is also pretty old but on Bev's blog, All the Things I Love, she mentions her new machine and I'm sure the company details are in her sidebar. Hope this helps! Tracey T x

Nicki said...

Hi Jane,

can't wait to see your DT work.

I got a sewing machine and it is quite big! have you tried looking in the sewing machine shop in Freeman st?
I went to get some materrial from there and they had quite a few machines of all prices and sizes and very friendly staff which would advise you.

here is a link for them.

Hope this helps.

tanja said...

hi last summer I buy on flea market i little machine for 2.50€ looks for a child thing,and it works well only it had not a adapter but it do it well on the old one from my husband and batterie so look there if you want so littel thing by by tanja

Anonymous said...


I don't have a craft desk so I have to bring my bits and pieces out every time I craft to the dining room table. When I wanted to start sewing on cards I considered one of the small ones you can get for under £50 but read mixed reviews. In the end I bought the E & R Classic KPN883 Sewing Machine from Argos, half price so it was only about £70.00. Its a normal size machine but reasonably light so not too much of a problem to get it out when I need it. It's got various stitches and is working really fabulously on cardstock, though I'm sure is also more than adequate for fabric sewing as well. I've been very happy with my purchase. I'm not sure if Argos still sell it but bound to be available somewhere.

All the best with whatever you decide, your cards are beautiful.