Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Deck the Halls!

No card this morning but I have still been busy creatively speaking, just with Christmas decorations instead!! I thought I'd share some pictures with you. I just love Christmas and decorating the trees - it takes me a whole day to do all of it LOL. This year we have opted for a very non traditional look in our dining room. Recently we saw the most gorgeous bare tree covered in fake snow at our local garden centre but it was almost £100!!! My husband decided we could easilly recreate it with some snow spray and a branch from one of the trees in our garden - and he did!!! The cost? 99p for the snow spray and there is still some of that left over!! I love it and have adorned it with new "vintage" decorations. I still have some to add that I'm supposed to be making with some baubles I bought last year!

Although it is quite large it seems to take up less room than an ordinary Christmas tree as the branches are further from the floor!

My beautiful angel is not quite at the top as there isn't really a top to the "tree" but she is on the hightest bough LOL!

This one is a labour of love, I bought a bauble beading kit at the NEC as they looked so beautiful! It took a LOT longer than I thought but am pleased to be able to say "I made that"!

The great thing about it is you don't need many decorations which is good as I always seem to like the most expensive ones! Love this huge snowflake!

I have a plan to try and recreate something similar to this gold distressed glass one - watch this space LOL!

Of course I still have a traditional Christmas tree in our sitting room too! If you're still with me after all those pictures thanks for looking! x


Kylie said...

Hahaha - yup - stayed til the end Hun :) Love both of your trees! Your beaded ornament is fabby too! A Jill (Jane)of all trades hey? And well done to Hubby too!
Kylie xx

Anonymous said...

Jane it's gorgeous! I love the idea of spraying it with snow, it adds a magical touch. Love the angel too. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your home for the holidays.



angelwhispers said...

Love them both Jane and the Dinning Room looks so elegant just love the decorations!! Chanelle xxx

Kat said...

Love the bauble from the NEC - I bought a kit at the SECC - still have make it though. :)

Cordine said...

Beautiful trees!

The Dolphin Inn said...

How clever and creative to replicate that expensive tree and your looks fantastic, your baubles are lovely too hon - the beaded one was worth the effort, it is stunning xxx