Monday, 7 August 2017


 Good morning!  Today I'd like to share the card I made for my son's 13th birthday.  I think I'm somewhat in denial that I have a teenager in the house - it doesn't seem possible that he can be thirteen already!  I cut the card shape freehand and set about decorating it to look like representations of R2D2 and C3PO.  I had sketched out how I wanted it to look beforehand and am so pleased with the result.
 Lots of fiddly cardstock slicing and snipping to make all the blue details on R2D2!  I used a red gem for the light on the top section along with a brad that I coloured black with a copic and a glass pebble for what I like to call his eye.
 More fiddly cutting to make the vents and details on the bottom of R2!
 I wanted to make sure I had C3PO's circle tummy detail on his half of the card.  I cut out several circles to layer them up.
 I used some Prima fabric wire so that C3PO could have real wires showing!
 I also used different curved pieces of card to add more detail on the lower part of C3PO.
I hope you like it and thanks for looking! x

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