Thursday, 31 December 2020

2020 Reflection

Well, what a year it has been.  For me it feels like it has been a haze of endless days drifting into each other.  It is fair to say that this year, with the lockdowns, stress and worry, has taken its toll on my crafting mojo and this is reflected in the lack of posts this year compared to previous years.  I have still managed to find some highlights though, and in doing so I realised that, actually, there are lots of things I have made behind the scenes for magazines and TV slots that I haven't actually blogged!  A few of those have made it into my 2020 reflection, as otherwise some months would be blank!  I hope that you are safe and well this New Year's Eve and that you enjoy my little look back at some more pleasant aspects of the past year.


I really love this card from January actually.  Not my usual style at all but I had discovered, somewhat late, the shadow press debossing plates by Tim Holtz and managed to source some.  The 'love you' was perfect a the bottom of this cute trio of stamps from Magnolia!


I love how this turned out as pink and yellow is not a usual combination for me.  This ended up being my daughter's birthday card and she loved it!


My choice for March is one of those non blogged projects I spoke of at the beginning.  This little set was made for Magnolia's slot on Hochanda - I really love that cute church die - can't wait for a reason to use it on a project of my own!


A lockdown commission from a friend of mine who really wanted a special card for her daughter's 13th birthday but back then all the non essential shops were closed and we were staying at home as much as possible.   I had to hang it on her gate as I went on my permitted one walk a day!  I love how this turned out and they loved it too!  Always a relief for a commissioned card.


I chose this one because it is round.  I love round cards so much!  I think it is because they seem to defy all the laws of physics by standing upright.  Of course, secretly it is not a complete circle at the back, but the casual onlooker does not know this until closer inspection!  


A very topical card for June.  Magnolia's quaratine pop up box contained some perfect stamps for this year - I even ended up using this Tilda on my Mum's birthday card later in the year!


July's card was a very special make, ready to give my son later in the year for passing his exams.


Another card that wasn't blogged for August - my son's birthday card.  By August the pandemic situation was really taking its toll and it was a struggle to actually find motivation to make a card.  It is always difficult to make cards for males at the best of times!


September brings another card that wasn't blogged!  This one I made for a video tutorial for the Magnolia Youtube channel using one of the stamps from the Magnolia Christmas collection.


I managed to find some long lost mojo for this Halloween card!  The fact that the usual Trick or Treat activity was not a good idea this year meant that I gave my children Halloween cards for the first time and created a treat hunt in the dark in the house along with a spooky themed dinner party.  This was a resounding success and declared to be better than traditional Trick or Treating!  This makes me very happy as I personally hate the whole thing!


I've really loved creating more artsy, vintage style cards towards the latter end of this year.  I used Stempelglede's gorgeous stamps and Maja Design papers to make this card for my Dad's birthday.


And finally, the special Christmas card I made for my parents inspired by a layout on the Prima Facebook page.  Another Stempelglede stamp and lots of different elements - I really enjoyed making this card!

So that's my 2020 reflection finished.  I'd like to thank you for reading my blog this year and hope it has provided some inspiration and relief from the real world for a while.  Let's hope that next year is a brighter one!

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