Friday, 15 May 2009

Yippee!!!!!! (squeals of delight)

and at the same time a resounding "oh no!!!"..........I discovered this morning that my local craft shop has started to stock............Copic Ciaos!!!!!.........this is fantastic because I have forty (er hmm now 43 after this morning's little trip!) and have been having to wait until I've got enough money spare to buy five at a time to make the postage worth while. But now I can go to my local shop to buy just one (yeah right) at a time when I have a little spare cash! Oh dear, I fear the temptation is going to be just too much, especially after seeing them all layed out in colour order on the gorgeous! I only went to get one replacement colour because I'd wrecked the nib and couldn't do without it and two more just jumped into my hand...well you feel a bit silly walking in to buy one little pen don't you! Anyway I'll be back later with last night's creation, my Son's door hanger featuring my fantastic new WOJ Warrior Charlie stamp. x

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Kimmi said...

hehe - my craft shop is going to be stocking them soon too. At the mo I buy them when I got for checkups at the hospital which is half hour drive away lol.. I usually come away with a couple!

Have fun adding to your collection!

Kim x