Monday, 22 December 2014

D.I.Y. Frozen Hair Accessories

 Good afternoon!  I hope you're all having a lovely time in this busy run up to Christmas.  I'm actually very organised this year and am having a very relaxing time since I finished work on Friday.  One thing I still had left on my 'To Do' list was to make some Frozen hair accessories as a gift for my little girl.  These stunning diamante snowflakes from The Ribbon Girl were perfect for the job!
 The large one actually comes on a pin but it is very easy to take the pin off, which I have done here.  I have then used my glue gun on the hottest setting to adhere a clear hair elastic to the back of it.  This will be the hairband for the bottom of the essential Elsa plait.
 The smaller snowflakes have been adhered to hair grips so that they can be pushed into the plait in various places so that the hair is scattered with snowflakes like in the film.
 I bought some cute organza gift bags covered in silver snowflakes - perfect for storing them all in!  I know my little girl is going to be thrilled when she sees these.  Like most little girls at the moment, she is crazy about Elsa and Frozen!
I hope you like them and thanks for looking! x

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